Danbury Schools - Where Opportunities Matter
Danbury Teachers have More Time to Focus on Students
Danbury senior Thomas Cutcher talks about the amazing opportunities at Danbury, even though it's a small school district. This includes a feeling of belonging and teachers who have more time to focus on students.
Small Class Sizes Matter
"You don't have that personal experience at larger schools," says English teacher Jennifer Scott. Hear how her experiences at different school districts have shown her how the opportunity for smaller class sizes matter.
College Opportunities at Danbury Local Schools
Cade Wilhite shares how the many college credit plus opportunities that are available on campus at Danbury Local Schools are making a difference for him and his future.
Technology and Small Classes Personalize Education
Drew Wicks is a Social Studies Teacher at Danbury Local Schools. Hear how he uses technology as well as more traditional options to provide student choice in his classroom. Smaller class sizes allow Danbury Local Schools teachers the opportunity to really get to know their students and that makes a big difference!
Participation in Activities Matters
Hannah Polanco is a junior at Danbury Local Schools who participates in LOTS of activities. Listen to her tell her story and how much the personal attention from teachers and coaches makes a difference in her experience.
Open enrollment opportunities at Danbury Local Schools
Andrea Trick is a mom who was nervous about her daughter using open enrollment to become a Danbury Laker. However listen to her story of how her daughter is now thriving thanks to the small classes and great opportunities available at Danbury Local Schools.
Opportunities Matter in the Danbury Family
Robin Skinner is a Danbury Local Schools senior who has grown up in the Danbury Schools family.  See what she thinks of the tremendous opportunities available at the Danbury Local School District.
Where Opportunities Matter - "It's All About Kids"
Danbury Superintendent Dan Parent reflects on why Danbury is a great place for our students.  
Where Opportunities Matter - "At other schools, I might just blend in"
Danbury Junior Sarah Bossetti describes her experiences and how Danbury offers so much despite being a small school district.
Where Opportunities Matter - "Danbury is a Much Better Place To Be"
Danbury High School teacher Tim Heffernan is able to focus on individual student needs at Danbury due to our small class sizes.
Where Opportunities Matter - "A Lot of Individualized Attention"
Danbury parent Stacy Borgio reflects on all of the reasons Danbury is the right choice for her children.
Where Opportunities Matter - "We're Just Like A Family, We're All One"
Danbury Senior Grady Mark talks about making friends and feeling connected to all of the students at Danbury.  
Where Opportunities Matter - "The Main Difference - Class Sizes"
K-6 physical education teacher Beth Hubans reflects on the advantages of teaching at Danbury compared to her prior experience teaching in a much larger suburban district.
Where Opportunities Matter - "They feel welcome, they feel included"
In the second installment of our series, we hear from Mrs. Laura Clark, mother of four Danbury students, about why she chose Danbury and her family's experiences transitioning into the district.
Danbury Schools - Where Opportunities Matter - Superintendent Dan Parent
Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing stories from our community highlighting all the great opportunities that Danbury offers our students.  We're kicking off the series today with the thoughts of Mr. Dan Parent, Superintendent.  Check back frequently as we show all of the ways that Danbury truly is the district where opportunities matter!
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