Welcome to Danbury Elementary School

Dear Parents and Guardians:
Welcome to the 2013-2014 school year! Each school year, I establish a unique theme to promote learning in a fun and creative way. I have found that a theme helps our school focus on a primary goal and our mission of educating each student to their fullest potential. At the same time, this theme serves as an avenue to help strengthen our student’s sense of self, confidence, school spirit, and academic achievement. Starting today, I am asking for your help to create this contagious vision from one family, faculty member, and community member to the next. After much thought, and after listening to and observing our school community over the last year, it is with much excitement that I announce our 2013-2014 school year theme to be:


At Danbury our goal is to educate young minds and prepare them for an ever-changing world. Our elementary offers several advantages and opportunities not found in typical Ohio schools.  Below is a summarized list of the Danbury advantage:  
            *At Danbury, the student is the most important person.
            *Experienced staff.  Many of our regular classroom teachers have specialized  backgrounds and training.
            *We are and have always been 100% HQT (Highly Qualified Teacher) compliant.
            *Our average class size is around 20 students.  
            *We have smart board technology and student computers in every classroom. 
            *Emphasis on lifelong learning and the entire child, not just the state assessments.
            *We promote active citizenship in our students and parents.

If you are a Danbury parent or guardian, thank you for sending us your child! If you are new to the area please call (419) 798-4081 to schedule an individualized tour of the facilities and a review of your child’s needs.

In Service of Youth,

Daniel E. Humphry, Jr.